[People] Pairing Code Export - Include Student Section

Problem statement:

When "Export Pairing Codes" is run from the users page in a course, the csv does not include section information.

Current fields: Last Name, First Name, Pairing Code, Expires At.

Pairing codes are primarily sent:

  • by section (1st period, 2nd period...)
  • at the beginning of a semester when the teacher potentially does not know the students by name yet.

The section information is not sensitive like the sis_id would be. That field is easily available from the users page where the report is exported from.

Proposed solution:

Add the field to "Export Pairing Codes" labeled "Section" to match the column on the users page. In the event there are multiple sections for one student (unlikely but not unheard of), display those in the csv as a list [section1, section2].

Minimal change for much gain!

Thanks for considering,

Patrick Tart

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