[People] Provide visual indicator of suspended user accounts on People page and other locations

Problem statement:

Currently, when a user account is suspended, the only visual indicator I am aware of is on the Admin view of the user account page, where red exclamation mark appears within in a red circle in the 'Login Information' box. This means Admins and course participants do not see that a user account is suspended when viewing the People page, Inbox messaging, the Gradebook, etc. Making this worse, course participants (including Students) are able to send messages to suspended accounts with no indication that the suspended account can’t/won’t receive the message. A visual indicator that the account is suspended would help ensure admins and course participants understand the state of the account.

Proposed solution:

Provide a visual indicator (such as the red exclamation mark within the red circle) and/or verbiage (such as "account suspended" after the user's last name) so that all users who may interact with the suspended user record are aware of the suspended state. The reason for this is to make it clear that the account is in a suspended state. This will help admins when providing support or researching issues, instructors when evaluating activity and conducting grading, and all course participants (including students) when attempting to communicate with the the suspended user so they aren't sending messages to a user with no indication or understanding that the suspended person will not receive their message.

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Status changed to: Seeking Clarity