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Our organization contracts with freelance copy editors and proofreaders to review and clean up materials prior to launch, and we would prefer to print out entire courses so they can work on hard copies rather than online. I have not been able to find a "print all" feature for an entire course. This would be the ideal for us, though a print all option for individual modules would also work as an alternative. Preferably, this print feature would allow for the printing of all wiki pages, quizzes (including all distractors, correct answers, and feedback), discussion forum prompts, assignments, and any linked documents—or the assimilation of all these materials into a single Word document or PDF from which we could easily print.


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For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-04-01) 


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This would be great for our instructors!  Many still like to have tangible items to view.  Plus, I receive a lot of requests on how to Print Quiz content.  Thank you for suggesting!

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This would be especially helpful when copying a course.  Each time I teach a course, I revise the assignments from the previous iteration.  I would love to be able to print out the assignments in a batch, preferably organized by module, to be able to review and markup more quickly than having to open each and every assignment to read the details. It would save a great deal of time.

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I wonder whether this need might connect with Canvas Studio: Offline Content which is currently under development.  Maybe users could print from an ePub-reading application like Adobe Digital Editions (but not iBooks, apparently).

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It would be great to be able to print different parts of a course.  If opened to all, there are potential issues with students printing quizzes (for ex) but would be very useful to students to be able to print modules, discussions, etc. if they need to study offline.  It's also a great idea for faculty.  I need to submit a copy of my syllabus every quarter and I now create it right in Canvas (vs in a word doc first).  So, in order to submit a copy, I just do a messy copy and then paste into Word and then have to reformat for the Word doc.  It's a bummer and waste of time.  Thanks!

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We also need this option for kids who cannot access their course online for a variety of reasons (maybe IEP, maybe connectivity, maybe location that studnet is not permitted to use online etc)

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This would be very useful for us too. I'd love to see this implemented and am sorry I missed the voting period. Consider this my vote!

Community Team
Community Team

Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-12-12) announced a new feature!  While an ePub is not the best option for printing, it does provide offline content for a course.

Course Settings

ePub Exports

ePub Exports is used in conjunction with the ePub Exporting course-level feature option. Currently this feature must be configured with the support of your Canvas Customer Success Manager (CSM) before it can be enabled for your institution. Please contact your CSM for assistance.

Instructors can allow students to download a course as an ePub file. This feature allows students to view course content when they are offline and displays course materials in a read-only state. Content may include files, pages, assignments, discussion topics, or quizzes.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

At this time, we will not be able to build a printing function for a whole course that extends beyond what is available for the epub export.

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Is there any way to allow instructors to use the epub export function? Currently only students can use it, but it could be useful to instructors for the purposes described in this thread and elsewhere. Thanks!