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Firstly I love the new RCE editor file upload function.  The drag and drop is wonderful.  It would be EVEN MORE WONDERFUL if we could drag and drop multiple files at a time.  This would allow a much quicker workflow when adding resources. 

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I've just stumbled on this idea request when I was going to make my own similar one. Once you click to insert content it would be great if the side bar stayed there until you choose to close it. Currently it disappears every time you add a link which is really slowing down the process of building content.

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 @tina_busch ‌, what you've described would need to be the subject of a different feature idea. If this is an enhancement you'd like to see developed, would you please create it after reading How do I create a new feature idea in the Canvas Community?

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Thanks Stefanie, will do. I do see them as kind of related though as if the side bar stayed open when you were drag and dropping a link then you could easily do multiple files (not in one drag and drop but continuous linking without having to "insert link, wait for side bar to open, navigate to what you want ..." for every link/image). Happy to create a new feature idea though Smiley Happy

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Agreed on the multiple file upload ability...it is the little things that make Canvas better! 

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Here is a related idea: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/15792-new-rce-pin-the-sidebar" modifiedtitle="true" title="New...... I think both ideas have some overlap but enough to be considered separate. 

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We are getting an increasing number of questions from our faculty about this. The number of clicks to embed multiple files went up exponentially (okay, maybe linearly, but it went up a lot), and we're getting complaints about the new RCE and some faculty want to revert.

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+1 for multiple file uploads.

Little things can add up to big efficiencies.  This would be super helpful to a lot of people.

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