[Rubrics] Export aggregate rubric scores to identify strengths and weaknesses of class as a whole

I'd like Canvas to be able to generate a single table that shows the rubric line item scores for all students.  Then I would easily be able to tell which items students struggled most with, and plan subsequent lessons accordingly.

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Thank you @zqian1 ! Your additional comments allowed me to successfully retrieve the rubric data. I had missed the install python step as my brain started from "Step 1" in the file LOL.

I was able to aggregate all the individual CSVs into one excel file by using MS Excel and the Data | Get Data | From File | From Folder menu steps.

However, my next problem/query is that the extracted data pulls out only the user_id as a three digit code - i've looked in our people lists and user profiles... but this code is not listed there. Like your handy tip for the course/assignment code, i HAVE found this student code in their individual profile URL, but is there any easier (bulk) way to get the user_id?

And, also - the data only exports the rubric (short) description (not long description), so i am going to have rethink how i name these. "RO1" x5 files, and "RO3" x3 files, and "RO4" x2 files is a bit of a pain to match up. (FYI, RO = report outcome; it's a weird thing my school does to hack the rules we have to follow between the syllabus and the mandates of the state department. don't even get me started.)



EDIT: I note also, having taken a closer look at the python code, that it does allow more data to be exported (e.g., student name, long description) however the default data is easy enough to work with 🙂 

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Okay great news, i was able to find the user_id via a file export from people tab (VERY unintuitively under an "import" link, *sigh*)

However, @zqian1 - i have found a glitch in your code. which the code itself identified all the rubric criteria listed, it did not actually produce an export file of all of them. Chrome downloaded 1, then i had to allow it to download multiple from that website - okay, all good - however, the result seems to output a max of 10 criteria/files only (so close! i have a total of 12 for this assessment!!).

I cannot find anything in your code that would suggest a limit to the number of output: could it be a chrome thing?


Edit: okay, i think it was a chrome thing. i just went into chrome settings for automatic downloads and allowed for colab. then refreshed the colab python page and triggered the download. it still asked me to allow multiple files, BUT this time it downloaded all criteria! 🙂

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Yikes - I'm having a hard time understanding why this hasn't been added, it doesn't appear from the python script this would be difficult.  I'm looking back over 5 years of comments.  So much evaluation has shifted to learning outcomes TIED TO RUBRICS.  Major consideration for our professional institution.  To not have an automated way - and thank you to those who posted the Python script - is frustrating to say the least.  With Canvas' move to higher education market this is a must, I can see ground lost in the future market without this capability.  

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The ability to aggregate rubric data across multiple sections of courses and semesters would be amazing for facilitating program improvement and supporting student learning. Would absolutely love to see this functionality happen!!

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The functionality of reviewing rubric data within the course and across sections is crucial for accreditation and internal reviews; however, not everything needs to link to Learning Outcomes which is where it appears Instructure wants to point institutions who want the data from rubrics. Learning Outcomes are not intuitive to set up in order to get the data. It would be incredible to be able to review statistics for individual assignments like we do quizzes - without having to set up more than just the assignment rubric. 

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Please count my vote in for having a simple way to download csv data of the rubric criteria breakdown per assignment!

How many more votes are needed before this gets attention?

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Thank you @zqian1 and @MsWiklendt 

Your conversation gave me all the tips I needed to scrape the rubric data.
Very glad I came to the Community area to look for answers!


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We have many reasons to need to pull data from Rubrics. Right now we are using a different data collection source, filing the comments and scores, and uploading the scores as grades into Canvas. The rubric is so user friendly, but it's going to be hard to justify its use because we can't pull data - scores and comments. Certainly we can use outcomes, but that doesn't show the full picture of what we are trying to do. Please help us pull data from the rubrics!

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Is there a status update on getting data from Rubrics?  It's something our school has been talking about a lot recently as a way to ensure grading standards between teachers.