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Our teachers and student support managers, who keep track of a student's progress across all courses, have an overwhelming need to view all students grades even though they are not one of their teachers. We would love a summary view of student's grades just like students and parents can see when they click on Grades from the Global Navigation. Currently, our staff have to go to each course to see a student's grade in that course, which is far from efficient. We would like for staff to simply be able to click on the student's name and see their progress in all courses they are enrolled in.

I am aware that Dropout Detective provides this functionality, but we do not need the extra features it provides.


Note: This was previously requested in the old community.

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This is so important!

Teachers monitor their homeroom kids.

Counselors monitor their cohorts. 

Admin need to be able to pull up students, and get their details in fewer clicks than they presently can. 

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It would help to be able to see an overview of the student's grades in all of their classes, almost like a report card or progress report.

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This feature is invaluable for K12 settings and I'm honestly shocked Canvas doesn't have an easy way to do this. I think many schools rely on their SIS or something like Dropout Detective/Grade Guardian, but not all schools have that option. but it seems like such a no-brainer considering the grade report is already viewable on the student's end. We just need a button for admins to click to get to the page that already exists.

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Allow us to see a combined grade report of all subjects for a specific student and have all feature to download gradebooks. 

Currently, we can only see one gradebook per student. I want to be able to see all subjects for one student in one place with all their grades, and I want to be able to download the info. 

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It would be nice if teachers, counselors and principals could view all of a students grades on one screen (students and observers can already do this). This could effectively serve as a progress report and would save a lot of time as we would not have to enter every class to view a students grade. 

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 A few people have mentioned that there already exists a page where a summary of a user's grades  in their current courses can be viewed.  I have been developing a Chrome extension as a side project and added a feature that adds a button to link to this page from user's account page.  Thus, admin users that can search people, view course content, and view grades should be able to utilize this.  It also updates the name and links on the grade summary page when viewing the grades of another user (it defaults to saying it is your grades even when looking at a different user).  This feature may break in the future with Canvas updates, but it is a nice workaround until Canvas hopefully implements a similar functionality in the future.

I made a blog post about it here: Creating a Chrome Extension to Use with Canvas LMS 

You can install the free Chrome extension here: Canvas LMS Mods (Basic) 

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