outcomes report and moderation for new quizzes should be sortable by date/time submitted

Problem statement:

When a change has to be made to a New Quiz to correct an error, it is useful to identify which students have already completed the assignment before the correction. For example, if an Outcome was not correctly aligned to a quiz when it was opened, but it was added later, students who completed it before the Outcome was aligned do not show in the Outcomes Report. If it was possible to sort the Moderation tab or Gradebook to see which students submitted the assignment around the same time, it would be easier to fix the issue of their missing Outcome learning mastery points. Currently, the only way to check the date/time a quiz was submitted appears to be going through SpeedGrader which involves a lot of extraneous clicks.

Proposed solution:

It should be possible to sort Moderation tabs and Outcome Reports tabs by date/time submitted so instructors can identify students who completed an assessment early/late, which will speed up the correction of outcome alignment errors (or similar mistakes made when a quiz was deployed) that were later corrected.

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