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3rd Party Tool/Software

Looking for a tool(s) to improve the look, styling ability, and dynamic content generation for the courses we develop in our K-12 environment. I have looked at DesignPlus, which seems to be a great tool. I am also looking at other options in due diligence and was curious about Articulate 360/Captivate, or any other tools. 

Canvas integration ease is high on the list, but I want a powerful tool also. How easy is it to import content, templates, etc. from a tool like 360 or Captivate into Canvas? 

Any other tools that people have used? 



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Hi Alan,

You might want to take a look at cidilabs ( ) They are specifically designed with integration in Canvas in mind. 

Thanks Brian. I have looked at Cidilabs and am impressed. I was looking at other possibilities to research so that I have a thorough understanding of everything that is available. I can make a case for DesignPlus, or any tool, without looking at other options. 

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Community Coach

We have also been looking at CIDI Labs to enhance our courses.  In addition, we are currently evaluating a product called Loree (recommended by someone here in the Community).  Loree has an integration with Canvas.