Add Assignments to a Course via CSV Upload

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I had an instructor ask me recently whether it was possible to create an assignment in the Grade Book via an Excel upload. I couldn't find an answer by searching the community, so I tested it out myself. I figured that I should share the results of my testing and the steps for anyone who might be interested.


This is probably best for an on-ground or hybrid course since the assignment is created in Canvas as a "no submission" assignment by default.


  1. Export current gradebook
  2. Add a column to your file
  3. Add a title for the assignment and points possible in the appropriate fields
  4. Input student grades for assignment (if you don't have grades available yet, type a space into the field; you'll get an error message if you don't put anything in the field)
  5. Save your file as a .CSV
  6. Import file into grade book (note: you will be prompted to confirm that you are creating a new assignment)

Good luck!