Add text/white space beneath SCORM object in Canvas graded assignment window?

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I created a graded assignment by uploading an Articulate Rise SCORM file. I'm exploring the possibility of having the SCORM object display in the Canvas window instead of loading in a new tab, just to keep the learner in Canvas instead of a new tab. When the "load this tool in a new tab" box is not selected, the SCORM object loads at the very bottom of the assignment window.

You see in the image below that the built in Canvas "Previous" and "Next" buttons look very much like they are part of the SCORM object. It's natural to think these are part of the SCORM object and to click one of these to proceed or go back. This is confusing and frustrating to learners, especially since if they click Previous or Next, they'll be taken off the assignment page to another page.

Do any of you know if it is possible to add white space or text below the SCORM object so the Previous/Next buttons are not so close to it? I'm new to this and don't see a way to have the SCORM object load any way but at the very bottom. I'd like to keep this a graded assignment, if possible. Thanks.