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Are you the only ID at your institution?

Dear Colleagues,

As part of the ID2ID peer mentoring program led by Penn State and Educause, my colleague and I are seeking input from other colleges & universities around distance education policies and growth.  We both work in small institutions and are examining  best practices for expansion of online courses and programs.   As we both are the only instructional designers in our respective institutions, we are hoping to learn from other higher ed institutions that are similar in scale.  We have created a survey for instructional designers who are the only ID at their institution in order to understand the challenges and practices that sole IDs experience in their role.

If you have 5 minutes to provide input, we would greatly appreciate it.  Also, please feel free to send this survey on to any potential participants.

You can find the Survey for Departments of 1 Instructional Designer here.

We greatly appreciate your time and input.


Jennifer Rider, Ph.D.

Instructional Designer / Director of Teaching and Learning Services

Fort Lewis College 

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Hi  @jrider  
I am the only person really looking after our canvas account for a company with 4500 students and over 36000 enrolments in to courses. Happy to share my strategies and tips/tricks for what i have done over the last 9 months. Send through a message if you want to discuss further,
Its been a ride, but the community is a great place to get feedback and help, welcome!

Hi Jacob,

Thank you so much for your reply.  We also have an educational technologist who is a manager to our LMS (Canvas).  We have a little over 3,000 students so I'm sure your work loads are very similar! For this particular survey, we are looking at Instructional Designers who support online course development and what their work load is as the only ID in their institutions.  Do you also serve that role?



Community Participant

I, too, am the only ID at my institution, but I am only responsible for the Pharmacy Programs faculty and students - roughly 30 faculty and 300 students. The undergraduate portion of the institution doesn't have an instructional designer, but does have an instructional technologist and reference librarians, who have learned the ins-and-outs of the LMS. What they are missing is someone who understands pedagogy and course design and delivery. I am responsible for assisting the Pharmacy Program faculty design, develop, and deliver courses in our online Pharmacogenomics program, which currently offers four 7-week courses each semester. My other major responsibility is conducting peer evaluations of teaching for our onground classes.