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Articulate Storyline packages not sending 'end of package' to canvas?

We are having issues with analytics. We have lots of SCORM packages (authored in either v2 or v3 of Storyline) and the bulk of them are sending a percentage back (based on Storyline's results slide, which is an included feature in the software).

The problem is that analytics doesn't count a percentage being recorded as participation. Which makes no sense whatsoever.

Instructure support, when I asked them the above question, said to ask here. And basicallt said that if a package wasn't sending an 'end' instruction to the vle, it's harsh to assume that a percentage has to be an interaction. But I'm not really buying this, so can someone either tell me what is missing (that isn't obvious or documented) or how to word a 'fix this' idea (I already have another analytics issue to report, in terms of how the data is displayed visually).

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