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Best way to add LaTeX equations

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I'm a newbie to Canvas. I have found the equation editor, which works fine. But I have pages with many equations. Is there a way to include the LaTeX code in a page, and then have Canvas automatically render the equation? Thanks - this would be a big time saver.

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@rgerritsen yes, you are right. Thank you!

I was looking at the html output itself in Chrome. It works fine within Canvas, after pasting the html file contents into the Canvas html editor.


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However, I am a math teacher, not a coder. Why doesn't the math equation editor stick to the information typed in? Sometimes the image is fine for the student, sometimes it is not and I cannot tell ahead of time. When I want to do question groups or shuffle answers, this flaw definitely slows down the test taking of the students, since I have to show them a paper copy (also not easy to do) and hope their answers are in the same order as the paper copy.

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For folks like me who get lost when the first step is "install Python," there's an online .tex-->HTML converter at You can then follow the steps to paste the HTML code into Canvas's code editor. Any remaining equations (which start/end with $$) just highlight, then click the equation editor, and that equation will be converted. Here's a quick video... 

The way I have used in the past, i.e. to write the plain LaTeX-code in the main editor, before entering the flawed "Equation editor" is yet another feature which Instructure now has broken with their latest, fancy new editor...

Firstly, the dialog box for entering an equation now looks even more like a pre-school playground than before, making it harder or impossible to use it for a serious equation typing.

Secondly, pre-selected text from the main editor window is no longer copied into the editor field inside the equation editor.

Thirdly, the choice of "directly editing LaTeX" is not sticky anymore and needs to be click-activiated every single time you want to enter an equation.


WHY? WHY are all the working features replaced by kindergarten-stuff?