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Bilingual Design at an Institutional Level (Mainly Pages/Templates)

Hi all,

Based in Wales and we have legislation that requires bilingual provision of our course content for certain (but not all) aspects of our content to include English and Welsh language text.

For clarity and for an idea of scale/scope, my question is focused on a university setting.

Am aware of the language functions but want to push out a template that staff can work with that embeds bilingualism into their content and thinking as they add more and use it over the coming years.

I have seen the Tabs discussion on this but am looking for a user-friendly version that staff do not need to touch code to use.

I've tried tables but these have issues with rendering in mobile, as well as making things like bullet points a little more difficult to use.

As such, I am curious to hear from any of you in bilingual institutions for how you deal with these aspects.

Thanks in advance,


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @s_j_beale ...

I can't really address the bilingual part of your question, but I thought I'd offer up one option for you to consider...though there is a cost to this product.  Have you heard of Cidi Labs and DesignPLUS: Design Tools?  It's an interface that lets Canvas administrators and instructors to build content using templates, images, and other elements...much of which doesn't involve messing with HTML code.  They even have an interface for tabs that works in both web browsers and within the Canvas mobile apps.  Here is an information page on their website for you to look through: DesignPLUS for Canvas - Cidi Labs

Not sure if this will be of any help to you or not, but though I'd share this info with you anyway.  Take care...

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The following templates are provided to support districts in communicating with parents and families of multilingual/English learners. Home Language Survey The Home Language Survey is required for all students registering for school in WA State. Districts may use this template or create one of their own, provided questions 2 & 3 are included.