Blueprint or Commons

Community Novice

I'd love to hear some ideas/thoughts on how everyone uses BluePrint and Commons as a tool for providing course build templates and common content across courses.

I've recently set up a blueprint course to act as a template for future courses however I found a few things in it that bugged me and ended up creating a few separate module templates which were shared to commons then imported and edited to fit each course.

I am not sharing content with these, except for an Orientation module that will be the same for all courses which is actually where most of my problems came from when doing it through Blueprint (missing content, mislabelled content pages).

If anyone is using Blueprint, how are you using it and what problems have you come across? Do you use it simply as a template sharing tool for course design or do you share content across multiple courses with it? 
If you are not using Blueprint to distribute templates to individual teachers/instructors and instead of using it as a means of quickly inputting a template for yourself or your course design team to work on, did it really save much time (presuming your team already has a design guide, style guide and resource centre already set up)?

Alternatively, has anyone used Commons for the same purpose and did anyone find issues with that method?

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on using each method to distribute design templates at scale.