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Can Peer Review be applied to a Self-Paced Course.


I am developing a Canvas course that is self-paced but where submissions and discussion content will linger within the course providing information/viewpoints available for other users as they work through the course. Is there a way for students to view these submissions? Should this be set up as peer review for submissions or would it entail altering permissions allowing students to view submissions of other/past students? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated - time crunch....

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 @gailc ​, I'm currently creating an open enrollment self-paced MOOC and it was recommended to me that for this type of situation, where you want people to see others have done, it's easiest to just make it a discussion. So even if you might normally make it an assignment, just make it a discussion and make sure to have the settings adjusted so students can't attach documents/pictures to the discussion.

Does this help?

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Kona - Thanks for responding!! That might be an option I will explore.

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I was thinking discussion as well.

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 @gailc ‌,

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