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Can Quiz questions link to Mastery Paths

We have faculty who are looking for a way to tie questions delivered through the quizzes tool directly to outcomes to show mastery. I've not been able to find straight-forward information about whether this is possible. They've been told the ExamSoft application does this and they are looking into that, but would like to stay within Canvas if possible. Does anyone have some insight for me?


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Do you mean to tie quiz questions to outcomes or to mastery paths? They are different things. It sounds like you're talking about outcomes rather than mastery paths.

If you mean outcomes, the way to do it is to put the questions in a question bank that has one or more outcomes assigned to it. Then, pull the questions from the question bank either individually or by using groups. I generally make my question banks outcome-based or skill-based (for example, my question banks have names like, "7.PS.9 Heat Transfer") so that this is easy. If you make question banks by event (such as "Midterm Exam") you won't be able to do this because multiple outcomes will be jumbled together.

So, the trick is in your question bank organization.

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Thanks  @pwalsh ‌ -- I've not had enough time to thoroughly explore either outcomes or mastery paths, so I appreciate the distinction and the pointer.