Canvas Commons Issues with Templates

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Hi Everyone!

My team and I are having a doozy of a time with templates and need some advice. We are currently creating 30+ courses simultaneously. In every course, we have similar, templated elements. So, for instance, we have a template for a Module Overview with boilerplate language as well as SME authored language. In one course - we have 10 of these. The template and boilerplate language stays the same, our content created adds in our SME authoring. We created the template for the Module Overview and loaded it by itself into Commons. My content uploaded successfully imported it once into the course and made all of the edits. The, she went to Commons to import the Module Overview Template again for Module 2 - it overwrote the Module 1.

We wanted to put it into Commons so that in case we had any changes to the template - we could update courses all at once and not touch every single file (300+)! Or, have to create the same ungraded survey 300+ times. 

What have other institutions done for this? Is there a better alternative that we are missing? Thanks so much!!

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