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Canvas Quiz That Scores One Question at a Time

I want to create a Canvas quiz like Quizziz. I would like Canvas to grade one question at a time and show a meme if students get the question correct and also if they get it incorrect.

Currently you can create a quiz and show one question at a time but it still will only score it at the end of the quiz.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Kendra Cameron Jarvis

ITF, Buncombe County Schools

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

 @kendra_jarvis , the quiz functionality offered by Quizizz (fun!) does not currently exist in Canvas. Canvas quizzes are not designed to present feedback after each question. You might want to follow Canvas Studio: Modern Quizzing Engine​ and have a look at the details of the project as presented in the video from InstructureCon 2016

Others might be able to recommend LTIs that pass grades back into Canvas that they're using for this purpose, so we'll flip this over to a discussion and leave it open for additional contributions.

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Hey Kendra,

In my experience, I don't know of an option to "grade as they go." Personally, I love the show one question at a time.

To your other comment, you can add a response or meme to any possible answer. It's either a green or red box- click to edit. If the student selects that answer, the "comment" will appear on the graded quiz. Of course it grades at the end. I would encourage you to make a Canvas Feature Ideas request for the "grade as you go" option. What a great feature!


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I want to do this, too ... but figure I'll settle for short quizzes until I figure out how to use JavaScript etc. to make a page interactive.  

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I, too, would like Canvas to grade questions one at a time.  When I select "One Question at a Time" in the quiz options, I had assumed that was what would happen.  Because students are close to each other in my classroom, I want them to not be able to look at their neighbor's work.  Randomizing the order of questions, and displaying only the current question's answer and feedback would make it harder to copy, while also making the quiz a better learning experience.  The alternative is to use the "Show Correct Answers at" and "Hide Correct Answers at" options, but that is more work for me, and prevents immediate feedback to the students.

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As a special education teacher, if a student practices doing something the wrong way (like a math problem) it is 3 times as hard to teach them the correct way. 1) They learn it wrong. 2) They unlearn it. 3) They learn it the correct way. When my students take a quiz in, they see if they got the problem wrong before they try the next problem. I love this feature and see my students LEARNING while taking a quiz. I prefer not to use Canvas quizzes for this reason. Currently, even on short quizzes, like 5 or 10 questions, they practice doing the problem the wrong way 5 or 10 times before they know there is a problem. They then get upset that they failed and eventually stop trying. 



This would just be an option for quizzes while the students are practicing. Then for the chapter test it could be graded at the end.