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CanvasHacks Classroom

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8/15/2018 Update:  To sign up as a student, use this link:

This course has enabled open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in the course once you share with them this URL: Alternatively, they can sign up at and use the following join code: 8R9H7B

 @Chris_Hofer ,  @G_Petruzella  stefaniesanders, awebster

Hi folks, it looks like Scott the Magnificent has already created us a CanvasHacks public classroom to play in, and enrolled us as teachers.

Any thoughts on structure? I have a similar course that is mostly complete that I am preparing for my faculty that I could upload to provide a bit of structure. It is intended for non-coders, and has the following module structure:

  • About HTML and the HTML Editor - DO NOT FEAR THE CODE!
  • Beginning Users
  • Intermediate users
  • Advanced users
  • Sharing (sharing has a discussion and links to external resoursces

However, I am not a pushy sort, so whatever anybody else wants, I am more than happy to go along with. I can always upload stuff a piece at a time and fit it where I can.

My "lessons" are all one page, and include:

  • A brief description
  • The code snippet
  • Anatomy of the code snippet where I identify those components that are easy to modify by novices like myself
  • Instructions for use
  • Troubleshooting, and
  • Sometimes some obvious variations based on changes to parts of the code (colors, sizes, positions etc. - the minor stuff)

Let me know what your think!

Oh yah, and I also have a hokey Home page, because that's just the kind of guy I am:)

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Community Team
Community Team

Great idea, Kelley.

I created a course shell in  It looks like well over 60 people have already requested either student or teacher level access.  Those of you with teacher level access, feel free to invite your friends.  Anyone else interested, please comment to that effect.   @kmeeusen ​ and the super helpful  @bowmanr ​ have been great about going in and inviting folks. 



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New Member

Since I can't seem to find the message button, can you please add me as a student?


- Sarah W

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Community Contributor

Great Resource.  Thanks!

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Hi @MariaMatheas2 

DM me in this community with your first and last names and your email address, and I will enroll you.



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New Member

Hello Kelley,

May I please have an invite to this course as well?  Thanks so much!

Julie Anne Wear (

Thank you!

Julie Anne

New Member

May I be added as well?


Done!  Smiley Happy

You should see an invite in your inbox.

Community Member


I can't believe this has been around for a year and I just now found it 🙂

I'd love an invite too if the course is still open -




Invite sent! Smiley Happy

Thanks - a very cool resource, and well organized!

New Member

Please send me an invite? Student or Teacher access please. Thanks


Happy to, just shoot me your email address.


New Member


I would also appreciate an invite as either a student or a teacher. My email is

Thanks so much!




Done!  Smiley Happy

Thank so much,  @scottdennis 



New Member


I would very much appreciate an invite as a teacher.


Jana Roman

 @jroman  Done! Smiley Happy

Thanks much!!!


New Member

please add me as a student.

thayerm​ - Done! Smiley Happy

New Member

I would love to be added a teacher: 

New Member

Hi, I'm enrolled in the CanvasHacks course as a student. Could I be added as a teacher? I am advocating for this course at my institution, Penn State, and figured it would be easier if I could add designers to the course instead of having them request access themselves. My email is Thanks!

For fellow PSU Smiley Happy,  @zal5010  I've changed your role to a teacher.


I believe there is a version of this course on the Canvas Commons. May not be as up to date, but I will fix that today.

Also, I offer this several times a year as a two-hour, in-person, hands-on workshop that is incredibly popular. I display some hack modified example pages, walk the faculty through some simple hacks from a short style guide document I include in the first module of the CanvasHacks classroom, then show them the real magic that answers all of their question about all the work of rebuilding their courses by providing them with the HTML script from a busy Canvas page of text, then walk them through quickly enhancing that existing page with the same simple hacks we already worked on. All along, I am giving tips on how to keep track of where they are and what they are doing when in the HTML Editor.

I have delivered this at other colleges and conferences by providing them the link to a public version of the course that they are then able to access as a resource as long as we are still using Canvas.

I hope this helps,


Thanks Kelley for the information! I've been integrating the more advanced elements into a course I'm currently converting to Canvas (e.g. pop-up dialog boxes but also integrating the element toggler from the Canvas Style Guide, carousel, practice problems, etc.) and I will be having a "brown bag demo" this Friday, so I'm just prepping to give access to any designers who may want access. I'm not expecting a big turnout as we haven't advertised this much, just something small to get started, but there is definitely a lot of great stuff in here.

The workshop sounds awesome. Where do you offer the in-person workshop at? This seems like something that would be great to offer at Penn State; maybe we could set up a virtual meeting and I could learn the ways of the force!

Hi again Zachary:

I am part of the Washington State system of Community and Technical Colleges, and so far just doing this within our state. Would love to provide a virtual option for Penn State. Shoot me a DM with your email address and we can discuss this off line.


Community Contributor

Could I have student access please...

Thanks so much

Done! Smiley Happy @jeneen_hill 

Community Member

Can you please add me:

Thank you!

Done! Smiley Happy @jawhite 

Thanks Scott! Smiley Happy

Community Team
Community Team

For all of you CanvasHacks aficionados, you won't want to miss Cracking the Code: HTML for Humans! , the CanvasLIVE event coming up this Monday, November 7, 2016. If you plan to attend, be sure to RSVP "Yes." If you’re interested, but your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend in real time, RSVP "No" or "Maybe" to receive any post-event updates.

New Member

I'm a newbie to Canvas and coding, and I'm absolutely hooked. I'm hoping I may be added to the CanvasHacks Classroom as a student, please. Thanks so much.

Kelley L. Meeusen Scott Dennis .


Absolutely! Just send me your email address!


Hey  @kmeeusen ​, I got this one.

mwcanvas​Welcome to Canvas and to the community!  Don't forget to flesh out your community profile!

Thanks,  @scottdennis ​!

I have a question about a feature on the Canvahacks Demo course home page, specifically, I'm being urged to choose between Chrome, Firefox, or Opera to use, but I have a Mac. Is it accessible via Safari without an app?

Hi MMW: is a third party application that can be embedded within Canvas. So you can learn about which platforms Appear.In supports at their own website: – one click video conversations. Specifically you can learn which devices are supported at this FAQ found on their website: Who can use Which devices are supported? - Frequently Asked Questions

From a quick view, it appears that the only supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi. Because Firefox can be downloaded and used quite well on a MAC, I would suggest using Firefox. Same with Chrome. and I am not a user of the other two.

I hope this helps,


New Member

Thanks so much!

New Member

Hi There,

Please can I be added?

many thanks 🙂

 @clare_smith  - Done! Smiley Happy

Community Member

Please add me:

 @reardonel  Done! Smiley Happy

Community Member

I would love to see it, if it's still available.

Community Member

Would love to have access if at all possible.

Thanks in advance.