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Cidi Labs Question

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We have looked at the Cidi Labs  design tool and like what it does. Does anyone know of any other integrated tools for Canvas that provide similar features as the Cidi Labs tool?  We are required to make sure we are open to all vendors and look at all options before we purchase.  If is the only such tool - that's fine; I just have to know one way or the other.  Thanks!

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Our approach was to turn on design tools for everyone, but choose to keep the tools hidden until a keyboard shortcut is used. Yes, this is "security by obscurity" but we aren't necessarily trying to prevent people from using the tools so much as we are trying to prevent accidental or unnecessary confusion. Also, if the tools are not enabled for everyone the content in the RCE does not apply the styling, so it is not a very good WYSIWYG experience.

If folks want to secretly share the keyboard shortcut around, honestly, I'm ok with that. Sometimes the illusion of naughtiness provokes people to try something out when they otherwise wouldn't. Ultimately, we do want all faculty to have the opportunity for training and at least awareness of the tools, but that process is taking longer to work out than we wanted to wait to implement the tools for our own purposes.

awilliams‌ thanks for the comments.  I did speak with Mike and he told me about the keyboard shortcut / hide.  I like it.  Can you please shoot me an email, or give me your and we can connect for a reference calls.  Thanks. - 410-313-6832.

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awilliams‌, Joe Allen

We had CidiLabs enable the "security by obscurity" feature of Design Tools too. I just didn't know that feature had a name! Cool.


cidi labs‌

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Hi  Ron - we just got the tools installed on our system this week, and we haven't yet integrated teachers since our pilot starts this summer.  We are keeping it turned on for everyone, but if things get hairy or confusing, we might go with the shortcut idea below.  Plus, by summer they should have added the feature where we can assign limited roles for use.

Love to hear your experiences.


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Hello, new in this community! 
So it has been a long while since the last post. In my institution we are looking into CIDILabs and I really like what I have seen so far. Do you know if there are competitors that equal CIDILabs Design PLUS and the MultiTool? I cannot find any. 

Many thanks! 

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Hi Alicia! I haven't heard of any. I'll ask around!

Welcome Alicia! I have been using Canvas for 5 years now and I have not seen anything like CidiLabs Design Tools. It is absolutely amazing and saves me sooo much time! Smiley Happy 

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So I asked our Design Tools Lead and he said he hasn't seen any, but doubts there is any competition with the track record and experience of DesignPLUS out there. It is a wonderful tool and we have been happy with it and with their support.