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Comparison of ODrive vs GDrive for External URLs in Modules

I have a set of files that I store on Google Drive in our university sponsored site. I want students to have access to these files. Here is an example set up in a folder called Doing Assignments ...


I use both GoggleDrive and ODrive to access these files in a comparison. I set up a Module in this way ...

Module Links.png

These are URL links as returned by either ODrive or GDrive. The option settings are NOT to open in a new window.

Here is what is found is returned with the ODrive link versus the GDrive Link.

ODrive Link.png GDrive Link.png

The contents in the GDrive link only get expanded when you click on the title header.

The ODrive option is a winner for me. As an added note, when you set the GDrive example to open in a new window, you have to go through another dialog box to open that other window.

This is with MacOS X 10.11.4 and Safari 9.1. Perhaps someone can other examples, especially under Windows.



ODrive ... odrive | Access to all your files

GDrive ...

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