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Community Coach

Create an Announcements Box on your Course Home Page

Announcements 6/3/15

This announcements box is fully editable using the Rich Content Editor.

I stole this one from the old Community, and have adapted it to also use as scrollable sidebars on any Canvas page that includes an html editor. One of the few things I do not like about Canvas is that students have to navigate to another content are to view course announcements. I would much rather have them displayed right on my Home page. I surveyed my students after I started using this trick, and they unanimously approved!

Here is the code, and if I do this right, you should see an example to the right.

<div class="img-rounded" style="float: right; background-color: #fffbcf; width: 315px; height: 260px; border: 1px solid black; margin: 10px;">

<h3 style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #2a4e57; text-align: center; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">Announcements</h3>

<div id="cc-homepage-announcements" style="height: 200px; overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: auto; padding: 6px; text-align: left;"> </div>


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I was using the Android App. Maybe the box I was working originally with was too small. Sorry for the false alarm and thanks for letting me know it works. Smiley Happy

Community Member

This is fantastic!  I just added it to my class.

Community Member

Has anyone been experiencing issues with the announcements no longer appearing on their home page with this hack since the most recent update?

Hi Daniel,

I love the innovative workaround of this hack but I could never get it to work reliably so it does not surprise me that it may be affected by updates. I'd much prefer Canvas developers to introduce a stable widget that can be simply added to the homepage to display your announcements (or the most recent updates). I created this as an 'idea' which you might be interested in as it would result in way more stability and less reliance on an outside site and/or browser incompatibility. You can add your vote and any comments that might help advance the development of a feature like this for your needs here

Thanks and happy Canvas-ing,


Hi danklosterman​,

I have found issues with how the URL for the feed is formed and whether it includes /course_ or /enrollment_ in the address.

If it has /enrollment_ it works, but /course_ does not Smiley Sad

and I have very little idea as to what makes the difference in that URL. I looked at a few courses that were (seemingly) set up the same way and the URL was different. I thought it might have something to do with multiple sections, or start date, but could not nail down a correlation.

So now I've just given up trying to figure it out, and if an instructor is lucky enough to get /enrollment_ in their feed URL, then hurrah! Otherwise, I'm waiting for the feature idea to get approved for a built in Canvas widget. Smiley Happy

Good luck,
Cheers - Shar

Voted. Thanks for starting that up.

Ok, so what we found is that Admins in our account, such as myself, have problems viewing the announcements via the hack. However, students and faculty are not having this problem. They see it fine apparently.


I am in my second year of moving this via course copy from term section to term section without a single problem.



I'm an admin and see all of mine just fine!?!  I have them in many courses.


Community Team
Community Team

Tangentially related, I just saw laurakgibbs​'s tweet about using Blogger to embed an announcements feed on a Canvas page. The description and instructions are here: OU Digital Teaching: Blogger Announcements as Canvas Homepage