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Creating a conditional release path of learning materials in Canvas

I want to design a learning experience that encourages students to stop and question as they go through the course materials. For instance, they start with assessing prior knowledge on topic, then review readings/lecture material, then complete any short knowledge checks, then prepare their thoughts or participate in a discussion, complete any assignments, and end with a final wrap-up discussion.

The goal is to guide students through material and thinking in a specific order. I am attempting this using Mastery Paths (although this is not a sufficient longterm alternative to the simple conditional release of content you find in other LMSs) - if anyone has experience with this, do you know how to add Pages into a Mastery Path?




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Good morning, @kecollins ...

This tutorial video on Mastery Paths may be of help to you.  It details how you can enable pages to be included in your Mastery Path: Mastery Paths (Instructors) - Canvas Community.

In addition, have you tried using module requirements?  How do I add requirements to a module? - Canvas Community  As you can see in this Guide, you can set up a module so that students have to complete items in a sequential order.

I hope these resources will be of help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.