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Creating a "live poll" in Canvas open-source using the Quiz feature?


Has anyone tried creating a "live poll" in Canvas open-source using the Quiz feature?

I'd like to present a few questions (a short pre-test) before a lesson starts to gauge the audience knowledge on the subject, and enable the participants to see the groups responses to the questions. The "quiz" would be anonymous and they would not see the answers.

It would be like using cloud services like PollEverywhere, MentiMeter, etc, without getting a subscription.

I find this helpful in focusing participants attention on the lesson, as well as providing me some idea of where in the lesson more focus needs to be made within the lesson.

Any information would be useful.


Matthew Correia 

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Community Champion

Hey, Matthew. You could likely use quizzes, but for on the fly results and basic analytics in class, I use Socrative. The free version lets you have up to 50 students. If you have less than 50, you could use the free version. Even if you need the pro version, it is cheap. I think it is about $50 per year. I hope that helps!

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Hi Matthew,

I think Canvas actually has a Poll system as an app that you and your students can download and use. However, I am not entirely sure if it integrates with Canvas itself (if you are wanting to display the results on a screen). Maybe through your phone if you can connect your phone to the projector, but that is another option you can look into. 

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good point,  @swinning ! Canvas does have a polls app, but it is only available on mobile devices and does not connect with the desktop version of canvas in any way. Polls must be developed and administered on mobile devices. However, it is free, and the log in credentials for Canvas and the poll app are the same. 

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Hi Matthew,

There is the Canvas mobile Poll app which unfortunately does not allow you to view the results on Canvas itself.

There is no Poll feature within the Canvas activities.  

On the other-hand in the Canvas Conferences there a Poll feature. I am trying it out now but it seem like it's not that user friendly. Try it out anyway and see what you think.