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Current state of Zoom Integration?

hi all - I could preface my question with "emergency mode activated!" but many of us are in this situation.

We put the Zoom integration on ice over 6 mo ago b/c we had issues with a few things. What is the current happiness level with the Zoom integration? 

What do you feel is an awesome feature that would make us install the integration tomorrow?

What are you annoyances and "well, think twice" you want to share?

thank you all in advance! Stay well.

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Community Contributor

We have been using Zoom for the past 7 years, practically from the beginning. It is a fairly streamlined product, which actually makes it more intuitive for the user. With the new norm, Zoom has been a life saver. We have limited licenses, and actually, just today, were able to increase, more than double, that number. As I said, we have limited licenses, so it is not fully integrated in Canvas, which means we have to manually create accounts. I am sure there is a way to automate the creation of accounts, but our numbers have been somewhat small in the past, so it wasn't an issue. 
Our Instructors LOVE Zoom. We haven't had a single complaint, which is saying a lot. Just today I heard from one of our more technically challenged instructors. He had previously tried using Conferences, and kept running into issues. I gave him access to a Zoom licensed account, and gave him the personal meeting ID, and he was off and running. He hasn't had any problems meeting synchronously with his students. 

Easy to start using, very intuitive to use, little bandwidth issues, mobile accessible, easy to record


While it does have a white board, difficult to integrate with content. You can't put a picture or power point on the whiteboard to annotate. Unless you have a site license, which can be expensive, you must manually create and manage accounts.