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Disappearing Graphics

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I have jpg images which display just fine, then for no apparent reason they disappear, only showing the file name.  Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?


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Image file location can definitely be an issue, but it is still the case that images occasionally don't display correctly even when they are located in an area the viewer has access to. This happens to me all of the time. On one visit the images don't display correctly and on the next visit they do.

The comment of clearing the cache is helpful, but I agree that that isn't always going to be a viable solution for many cases- students and faculty not aware that this is what they need to do, or even more importantly for students taking a quiz.

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Community Coach

We are experiencing broken images in our environment today.  Our logo isn't appearing the upper left corner, no images showing in global announcements we post to the Canvas Dashboard, no custom images we have uploaded for Course Cards on the Dashboard, no embedded images in course pages, etc.  I've reported this to Instructure tech support, and my case number is 03207052.


One of our IT staff needed to whitelist some Amazon web servers that Cisco had recently tagged as malicious.  That has seemed to fix the issues we were experiencing earlier today.

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My team is also having this issue...fairly often! Images disappear, but refreshing them brings them back (sometimes after a few refreshes). Even if all new files are uploaded and fresh pages are made with those graphics, they still disappear. It's not the linking. Clearing the cache should not be the only answer to this. Why is this happening??? What is the real solution???

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This has happened to some of my teacher's also, sadly when reported to Canvas support I get the usual brush off and are told to clear cache which is a temporary solution because the images will "disappear" again for no reason or are told that they were not uploaded properly!

I have verified that the images were first uploaded either within files or the Images option and still images would "disappear".  Never got a real solution to the issue!

Glad to see it's not just "ME"!.

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I've opened a case for this issue from my account Practical Academics. Case # if you can use it is #



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Here is the response from L1 help desk.  Please let me know your experience with any/all of these and I will relay back to L1. 

Update your browser - updating your browser may fix any problems you have with Canvas, please see this guide on which browsers are supported by Canvas

Clear your browser history - Clearing your browser history, cookies and cache helps with accessing web pages which are causing you problems. Please refer to these guides, How to clear cache on PC or How to clear cache on MAC

Open Chrome in Incognito Window - Opening Chrome in Incognito Window will disable any Chrome Extensions/Plugins. This will help us identify if it is a browser related issue. 

Here is how to access an "Incognito Window":

Try using a different PC - If you have access to a another PC or Mac, try viewing the Canvas page there and see if you get similar issues, if you do not get any issues, we can assume it may be an issue with your computer settings.

Check your Internet Connection -  If you are using wireless, try connecting to cable if you can.

Here is my reply:

Please see the thread in the community discussion referenced in the initial ticket.  Since there are so many folks experiencing this problem, I think you can eliminate browser, internet, and pc as sources of the problem.

What's next?

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Yes, this is really a Canvas issue since it doesn't occur with all the other websites we all visit on the same browsers all day everyday. Thanks for trying. I wish Canvas cared more about fixing this.

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 @tuk03990 , ysmalls,  @mfreedman3 , and  @tamychapman ...

We had images that disappeared in our Canvas environment a couple days ago (see my above posting).  For us, this was not an issue on Instructure's end.  I chatted with their tech support people, and they could not replicate the issue on their end.  I ended up chatting with one of our IT people on campus, and he determined that Cisco was tagging some Amazon web servers as malicious.  So, he white-listed those servers, and we are back in business.  I'm not saying this is the case for your schools, but it might be worth checking out.

So your images were externally linked? The images I am using are housed

within the Canvas course.

Our images were housed in one of two spots (nothing externally linked)...depending on the situation:

  1. At the course level (in course "Files") in Canvas and then embedded on Canvas pages.
  2. At a user profile's level in Canvas.  I uploaded some images to my personal Canvas account, and then (since I'm an admin) I created a Global Announcement to display on the dashboard.  When embedding am image in a Global Announcement, I always choose from my personal image folder within my Canvas profile.

Hope this helps.