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Disappearing Graphics

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I have jpg images which display just fine, then for no apparent reason they disappear, only showing the file name.  Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?


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Hello  @elizabeth_schoe  ,

I could see why the images used in Course A quizzes might not load as images into quizzes that were imported into Course B unless the images in the Course A Files were also imported. In case it helps, I always upload any images that I use in my courses into my Course Files first - before using them in a quiz. Then, when importing content from one course to the next, I always import the Course Files images as well. Even so, I still run into this disappearing images issue periodically. 

This is super helpful! Thank you!

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I've been experiencing this problem for months. Sometime images are there, sometimes not, and then sometimes they come back again. Imagine if Facebook users were reporting missing images and they were told to clear their caches.

The support answers I and others of you have received amount to gaslighting by technical support. "Problem? What problem? ... oh, uh ... just clear your cache." So much easier than doing the hard work of tracking down an intermittent, but immensely critical issue.

BTW, this is another VERY good reason to insist on really meaningful, detailed alt text for all images.

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I also have this problem - frustratingly on the same page some images display and others do not - hard to see this as a cache issue

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Here's the screwy part about it - I think the fact that its related to cached files is part of why Instructure has had difficulty identifying it. I spent years doing tech support and teaching tech support, and part of the philosophy(?) of troubleshooting (which sounds very ostentatious but I can't think of a better word) is that if you can't reproduce the issue consistently on a second computer while you're working, its overwhelmingly likely a problem with a specific computer instead of a problem with the system both those computers connect to.

Additionally, issues related to images not loading on one computer when they can load on other computers are almost always related to a computer's ability to refresh its caches. So when we (or tech support from Instructure) take the very reasonable step of manually refreshing caches, it generally fixes the issue and reinforces the notion that this is computer specific.

I think there is some weird interaction on the server side that is either telling browsers they've refreshed when they haven't or ignoring requests to refresh.

I think it is a cache issue, but again, teachers/students will not know to clear their cache.  I think this is something Canvas needs to work on fixing.

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At the top of this thread it says Assumed Answered, but is the question really answered?

I created a new question in which I refer back to this thread.

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Instructure said that they deployed a fix on July 13. Is anyone still seeing this issue?

I am trying to get the case # so that others can report new instances of this problem via their admins.  

Yes, this is still an issue.

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Tech support has closed my case. They don't consolidate instances of an issue under a common case #, so I recommend that you open a new case via your admin. Take a screenshot and give them the details.