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Disappearing Graphics

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I have jpg images which display just fine, then for no apparent reason they disappear, only showing the file name.  Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?


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August 22, 2018 -- it just happened to me (again). It hasn't happened in a couple of months, though, so I haven't been searching the community until today. It's a banner that's been in place more than a year, then suddenly, gone. A few minutes later -- after refresh and cleared cache, I might add -- still gone. I left my office for a few minutes, came back, and there it was, visible again as if it had never disappeared. 

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Thanks for the update, please refer this to Instructure via your system


On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 11:37 AM, <>

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I have a report of a case of this today, Sept 7, 2018. Smiley Sad

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Please make sure you send this through your system admin... M

On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 8:34 AM <>

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Is there a solution to this or are we all just dealing with it?


I'm working on designing custom pages for our Canvas courses, but I am getting push back on doing so because of the disappearing graphics. We would like to have a beautifully designed home page for our courses, but often just limit ourselves to a banner and some text because there's no point spending the time designing everything if it could cause confusion or navigation issues anyways. There's so much potential... I'd love to move forward and not limit myself because of a technical glitch. 

disappearing images‌ html &amp; css‌ 

 @tuk03990 ‌ good on you and you institution for having high standards.

The missing graphics issue seems to be so brief and occurs so irregularly that I just carry on as usual and put graphics in where I want them. It hasn't happened to me for a few weeks now and the last time it happened I blinked my eyes and it resolved. I hope it's the same for you also. 

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We've had this happen sporadically, but I think most people on this thread would be interested in knowing what causes it when it does happen because it shouldn't happen at all in theory. The "here today, gone tomorrow" nature of this glitch can be really frustrating to folks who don't understand the intricate details of how software works. It should "just work" and if it doesn't have an explanation behind it and a clear resolution path. 

Hello JEFHQ12951 .

My main concern with this issue is always for those of us who embed images in our quiz/exam questions. This can be a nightmare when the image is needed to answer the question, and the system decides to 'glitch' at some point during a timed online quiz/exam. 

It just seems like there would be a solution to this. What do we tell students that experience this?....that it's normal?

I have no problem with accepting it since it doesn't happen too frequently, but it does look terrible when it does. Students should be able to see things at all times without this glitch. If I create custom navigation buttons that link to things within the course, they should be able to see them and be able to navigate without the icon disappearing. It has caused confusion for students in my experience. They've mentioned it in feedback surveys/questionnaires! Making the page visually appealing gives better user experience. When it's all glitch, it's a bad experience. Luckily it doesn't happen very frequently!

Also, as Kimberly noted below, the images cannot disappear in quizzes. That's a HUGE issue! I haven't had this happen to me personally, but it is obviously something that has happened. 

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Timely re: quizzes: I was just observing a class using a hybrid module we'd designed which leans heavily on short, image heavy quizzes for instant formative assessment so students can diagnose what concepts they do/don't understand and in both Chrome and Firefox on Mac and PC, they reported issues with an image essential to the question not displaying. This issue has real impact on the educational and classroom experience!