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Disappearing Graphics

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I have jpg images which display just fine, then for no apparent reason they disappear, only showing the file name.  Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?


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Same thing regularly happening to me. Currently, it happens in Chrome, because that is what I am using. But it used to happen in Firefox when I was using that. When I change browser, the picture reappears, but when back to the initial browser, it is again gone. I have my pictures in Files, so I just add them back to the page they disappeared from. Sometimes, I have to do it again and again. No idea how it looks on the other side - I fix it as soon as I see it.

When I have experienced this issue, it is usually associated with .png images, which I have saved directly into my course files (which are also copied over from course to course each semester), and then embedded using the content editor. 

Hello   @mfreedman3  

This does appear to be a widespread issue. I actually spent time in the past trying to do exactly as you suggest - by requesting that others post their case numbers here in the Community, and then copy/pasting the posted ticket numbers posted into the various locations where comments about this issue have been posted. Sadly, that was enough to get this resolved more permanently Smiley Sad Our institution does not have a CMS - so I do not know how else to increase Instructure's awareness. Thus, I now just cross my fingers and hope that the issue doesn't reappear during one of my online exams (which will often include images that are needed to answer the exam question). Even so... here are some links to places where others have posted those case/ticket #s that have been submitted to Canvas on this issue - in case it helps. You will note, however, that these have all been marked as 'Answered' - so (unfortunately) likely not considered an 'open issue' in Canvas. 

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This is our most recent case: 03578688

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I also had this issue on Thursday and Friday.  My images were part of a quiz and appeared only as their file names, all .jpgs.  The students could guess the answers based on the names of the files.  The students did not tell me this until my last class on Friday.


I just encountered a similar issue. I usually use Chrome and an image is broken in Chrome but fine in Firefox. Both browsers are up to date.

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This happens in Quizzes too, so the stakes are high. And it's not consistent. One student will see all images, some will see about half, some will see none.  It's a big problem. 

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We've also experienced this issue intermittently on our courses. Sometimes they disappear when we revisit the courses and haven't manually logged in as a user for a while.

My fix: I have have the user log out and then log back in. This  usually refreshes the cache for Canvas and fixes the issue. When this doesn't work I say something like, "Please be patient, there appears to be a server issue going on with Canvas at the moment." 

I'd love Canvas to find the source of the issue in the code and fix it in a future update.

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We have been battling this issue at our campus.  I've worked with several faculty members and done some of my own testing.

Here are the definitive steps to recreating this issue as far as I can tell:

1) Create a test bank of several questions, with each containing a graphic file. I was using JPG files that I had uploaded to the course files.

2) Create a quiz and add those questions to it from the test bank.

3) On one or more of the questions, edit and make a change. You can change the point value or some of the text.  It does not matter.

4) Save & Publish the quiz.

5) FROM ANOTHER BROWSER, go into this quiz as a student (either logged in as a student or impersonated) and go to this quiz. 

6) The questions that were EDITED will have their graphics broken like I’ve shown in the attachment to this entry.

The reason for step 5 is that I was seeing issues where a professor had images cached so even if we switched to impersonate a student the images were showing because they were cached in the browser.  I have done these exact steps and re-created the problem.

I've reported these steps to our customer success manager and escalated a ticket.  You might see if  you can replicate this issue and escalate this as well.

Hello david_taylor ,

Thank you for your work in this!