Does SpeedGrader have the ability to view metadata within an image?

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We have a faculty member that is looking to use SpeedGrader to grade student photos that has metadata attached to it via Photoshop. Does anyone know if this is possible to do within SpeedGrader—to view and grade the metadata of an image? Thanks!

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Hey  @zal5010 

stefaniesanders​ is correct. The simple answer is, no, there isn't functionality in SpeedGrader to view the metadata of a submission. There are tools available to extract metadata from files on a website, but I would wager your faculty would have an easier time downloading the files and viewing the metadata that way. Check outHow do I bulk download Assignment submissions in Canvas? for a time-saving tip.

I could see value in such functionality being built into SpeedGrader so you might want to consider adding this as a new Canvas Feature Idea. For more information on how feature ideas work see the following guides, How do I create a new feature idea? and How does the voting process work for feature ideas?

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