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Drafting and publishing best practices

I draft in Word (Windows), then paste into Canvas and do final edits.  But, when I send out materials (e.g., announcements), formatting gets messed up (numbering, bullets, indents, etc.).  Can someone help me understand best practices for drafting/moving materials into Canvas?

Thanks, Michael

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Hi Michael, 

I don't know if this is a best practice. However, it is my practice to draft my message, or page content in a text editor, in plain text (no formatting). I do all of the formatting directly in Canvas, after I copy and paste the content. 

If you were using Dreamweaver, or a similar application, to create your content, you could simply copy the HTML code and paste is into Canvas (using the HTML view).



Thanks, and right, not quite a best practice, more like a workaround. Oh

well, interoperability someday...M

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Does copy and pasting using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V work? That sometimes work to strip out formatting. I would imagine a "best practice" would be to draft directly in Canvas...


Thanks, Katie, I'll try that.  Unfortunately, drafting in Word is still the best. It has the best features and I need to see my work it at least two different media to do good proofreading