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EdPuzzle vs Canvas Arc

Looking for a comparison of EdPuzzle and Canvas Arc video tools. Can anyone provide the good, bad and ugly for both? This would include the quiz feature of Arc which I believe is still in Beta?

Thank you!!

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  • One major difference (depending on the number of students you're working with) is that ARC is not free, while EdPuzzle has a free option. 
  • Another is that ARC completely integrates into Canvas in every way. I'm told. Haven't gotten to play with it. 
  • Using EdPuzzle requires you to have all participating students to create an account with EdPuzzle. Due to a lack of integration magic stuff, this means you will have to manually import/export all data from EdPuzzle to Canvas or whatever you're using for assessment/keeping track of student work.

I've seen various workarounds online that are okay, but not as good as a fully integrated, interactive video platform. I like EdPuzzle, but Google Classroom is much more welcoming to it than Canvas. There are some other cool options I've looked at in the available "apps" within Canvas, but they all cost money. 

So, for small classes (or at least not a huge number) EdPuzzle is fine. For anything more complicated, you probably want to learn more about ARC.

Finally, EdPuzzle does have an option where you can just have people watch the video without an account. This is only useful if you want people to watch and interact with a video, but don't need to collect data or assessment info about their interaction with the video.

Thanks Ben!

I'm playing with Arc Quiz in our Beta version - any additional thoughts on this tool - its comparisons and usage - from the community would be very helpful.

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I’ve never used EdPuzzle, but I’m a happy Arc user and Admin. Do you have specific questions or things you’d like to know about it?

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Edpuzzle offers free full integration for the teacher Here are the instructions. The teacher has to install the app at the course level to use it.

Awesome news! Thanks for the note,  @jlbryan !

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The integration isn't great, though. And no grade passback to our SIS has me looking at ARC - now called Studio, I think?

Any new feedback would be appreciated.