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External tool with grade book integration completion grade activities?

I am looking for an assessment app that integrates with the grade book.  In our self-paced online courses, teachers are looking for a way to get students to practice answering short-answer questions.  They would like this to be a practice assignment for a a completion grade with no instructor feedback.  In addition, we don't want it to read as "instructor review" once the students have completed the task--students should just get the points automatically.  Currently instructors are using graded surveys, but the issue is that students don't actually have to fill out any content to get the points; students simply have to click on the graded survey link, then click finished to get the points.  Other than reworking the entire system (which may have to be done anyway), is there some kind of external tool that can integrate with the grade book that will work? 

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 @mcclinticm , have you looked at the new Canvas quizzing tool to see if it might meet your needs? Check this area of the Community out for more information-‌.

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I just starting using OneNote with my students and it integrates unbelievably! By far the best integration I use. You could "push out" short answer prompts in there and they would type their answers right on the notebook page. Each student has their own notebook page, which you can see and interact with. It's very easy to access each of their pages. Any grades you post for the assignment passes right back to Canvas. I can't say enough good things about it!