Extra Credit (Using Weighted Grading)

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How do you calculate extra credit in a weighted grade format?

1.)  Example 1:  Add an extra credit grading "group" and give that group a percent of what it is worth.   Sample:  There are several groups in the gradebook Participation - 20, Discussion - 30, Exams - 50.  Your students can earn extra credit completing an additional assignment.  The three groups listed prior: Participation, Discussion and Exams all equal 100.  You make another assignment group titled Extra Credit and give that group 5%.  Now you total grading is out of 105%. 


2) Example 2:  Add extra credit points to a already existing group, using the same example as above, we have three grading groups: Participation - 10, Discussion 30, Exams - 50.  To add extra credit points you would add a assignment within an existing group, let's say Participation,  There are 5 assignments in Participation and those 5 assignments equal 10% of the grade.  Now you add another assignment to participation labeled Extra Credit. 

Which is correct? 

Also, should the "treat ungraded assignment as zero" option be checked?

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 @ltb103 ​, technically both are correct, but will change the way the extra credit is calculated into the final grade. My recommendation is to check out this blog - Extra credit using weighted assignment groups. - by stefaniesanders and see if that helps clear things up!

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All, true extra credit does not raise the original total possible score over 100% (not possible); rather it gives the student doing the extra credit an opportunity to make up some points to add to his/her total point score for the class. So, for example, if a student has 95 points out of 100 points possible for a class in which 100 pts. is 100% of the class, and that student does a 10 point ExCredit assignment, and scores 10 pts, he/she only earns 5pts because this brings the grade up to the 100 total points possible. ExCredit does not add points to the Course Total Points. That would make it unfair to those who do not do the ExCr assignment. ExCr done correctly, does not penalize students who don't participate. They simply get the point total they earned doing regular assignments, without doing the ExCr work.

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