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Favorite Tools/Sites for EMBEDDING in Canvas Pages

Hi everybody! I've been asked to give a presentation at my school on external tools that you can embed into Canvas Pages. We're doing a "PAINT Canvas" campus-wide festival on March 29, and this presentation will be part of that event, although I don't know yet what the other presentations will be. I've set up a workspace for my presentation here:

That workspace is a Canvas course (public, totally open), so please just click and go

(pinging stefaniesanders‌ this is the thing I wrote you about, and pinging  @keeganlong-whee ‌ to say THANK YOU for the chance to be part of the event remotely!)

UPDATE: All the pages are done (which is to say, I'm still tinkering)... but all the tools are documented.

Power of Dynamic Content. Just speaking for myself, I am a huge fan of tools like these because they allow you to be presenting fresh content in Canvas just based on your normal life online (you tweet or retweet, it shows up automatically; you write a blog post, it shows up automatically; you add a video to a playlist, it shows up automatically; you add a bookmark to Diigo, it shows up automatically, etc.). I don't really like to work inside Canvas. I like to work on the Internet using familiar tools, and then have the results show up for me in Canvas (or wherever; these embedding techniques also work for blogs, wikis, other websites, etc.).

As you'll see there in the course, I have planned out: Blogs, Diigo, Flickr, Inoreader, NPR, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Storify, Twitter, YouTube. They all fall into either the iframe, javascript, or RSS categories. Is there some other method of embedding that I'm missing...?

Anyway, thanks in advance for advice, suggestions, questions!

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Update: Thanks to the power of CanvasCon and Twitter, I learned about another open Canvas course about embedding, so I wanted to share that here too!

Canvas + _______ =Engaging Experiences 


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Great to connect today - we share similar interests with Canvas, Twitter, Connected Learning, etc.

Appreciated discovering H5P via CanvasCon and Stephen Simpson's 

"Thanks for this excellent How-to-Video on using @H5PTechnology easy embed of HTLM conte… 

Have you seen his video?

H5P & Canvas - YouTube 


Oh, this is new to me: great! I thought it was so cool that thanks to people tweeting I learned new things from the SMU CanvasCon even though I was not there. H5P is also there in the embeddable course that someone shared.

And now I am following you at Twitter also! Although for convos, this space is so much better. We can really talk about things. I get tongue-tied at Twitter with just 140 characters, ha ha.

Anyway, thanks for this link, and I'll be updating my own embeddables resource based on what I learn. I'm out of town starting tomorrow (SPRING BREAK, yay!), but I will be back happily Canvassing next week.

Thanks again for connecting  @kobrien3 ‌ 🙂

Thank you! And you're more than welcome.

I agree about Twitter's 140 characters...excited about the convos and connection here. Today was my first official day participating with an updated profile and posting on the Canvas community - spring break PD Smiley Happy 

It's funny a couple weeks ago I was trying to figure out about how to embed a Twitter widget into Canvas...

And guess what I found and tweeted..."Great blogpost: Twitter4Canvas: Twitter Widget Ready-to-Use: #ColorOurCollections #canv…  

Enjoy the break! 

How did I miss that??? Ha ha, Twitter: it's fun, but chaotic!

And listen, my original instructions were so complicated because I thought we had to supply our own HTTPS webspace to use for hosting the widgets. It was only thanks to  @James ‌ and ishar-uw‌ here at the Community that I learned you can host javascripts in a Canvas File and then display that in a Canvas Page. I never would have figured that out on my own. So, now my instructions are so much more simple than they were originally, and the same trick works not just for Twitter but for any javascript widgets. 🙂

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For all of you avid followers of laurakgibbs‌'s awesome #GrowthMindset series, you might also be interested in a related  upcoming CanvasLIVE‌ event: snufer‌ will be presenting Wednesday, March 22, 2017. If you're able to attend, RSVP "yes"; if you're interested, but your schedule doesn't allow you to attend in real time, respond "maybe" or "no." Your RSVP ensures that you'll receive a notification should the event be cancelled or changed.

Ooooh, that sounds great! I didn't realize snufer‌ had that CanvasLIVE coming up: thank you for the link! 🙂

laurakgibbs‌, I wish I had seen your resources sooner so that I could work them into the presentation and give you a shout out.  Perhaps next month we can team up and provide a reprise presentation.  I do ed tech webinars at my institution every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, so perhaps 4/26.  

No worries snufer ! I am so glad to know about your CanvasLIVE, and that is really great how you share what you are doing at your school here. I'm going to try to start doing CanvasLIVE stuff as an every-other-Thursday thing myself, so my guess is that we are going to get some really good synergy going on!

Here's the schedule I have for the CanvasLIVE stuff so far; my schedule during summer may be a bit different, and I'll figure that out next month. 

Connected Learning with Cats: An Index – Teaching with Canvas 

I'm more of an asynchronous person, so all this "live" stuff is totally new to me, ha ha. But since I am used to asynchronous, that means I am used to documenting all my stuff, and I am very glad to have met new people to share with here. 🙂

Well, snufer and laurakgibbs‌, we don't have anything on the‌ schedule at the moment for April 26, so if you're going to team up and present, just let us know!

Not in April... but that would be something fun to do in future! I've got the growth mindset one the week before, and then I need to figure out what's going on in May; I should be finalizing travel plans this week.

snufer‌ do you carry on with your presentations and such in summer...? I was figuring I would probably do some CanvasLIVE during summer but just once each month in May, June, and July... before the circus comes to town again in August. 🙂

My twice a month is sort of a newer schedule for me. Last year I mostly did once a month. I may scale back in the summer months, but I also don’t want to lose momentum. Perhaps in the summer months I’ll shift the focus from faculty oriented to staff (e.g. PowerPoint skills, project management techniques and resources).