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Free A&P Lab resources

Our institution is participating in the Cengage Unlimited option in the fall.  We will pay for the service for all students.  As a result, a majority of the instructors have opted to adopt their course material.  One area where there appears to be content lacking is in the Anatomy and Physiology content.  The text is fine, but the supplemental labs for the online classes are not up to par with Pearson's  MyLab.  Our on-campus courses use human cadavers, and we would like to have something as dynamic for the online A&P classes without adding costs to the class.  

I have been looking for OERs and websites, but without much success.  Looking for suggestions from all of you.  Do you have any recommendations for virtual labs for Anatomy & Physiology classes (health majors)?  

Thank you.


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Hi  @lecia_sims1 

I teach in this area, and so will be following this discussion closely!

That's a start. Always keep in mind that most US Gov sites are open. Also, a great many colleges are now participating in the OER revolution.


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Very Helpful Question. Who new it would become this relevant today! Have you garnered any additional sources. The list provided by the user below seems to have a lot of great info too.