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Grade a Google Doc using SpeedGrader

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A lot of teachers want students to turn in a Google Doc as a homework assignment. This document will show you how to let student turn in an Google doc assignment (so you can annotate) without having to download the Google Doc as a Word Document before uploading. Be aware that if a individual user has registered Google Docs with their account this will happen in the backend (How do I connect to Google Drive as a web service in Canvas?).

1. Create an Assignment in Canvas and Change Submission type to Online -> Website URL


2. Save & Publish the Assignment and Have Students Submit the Share Link from their Google Doc

Please ensure that your students have shared the document with you before turning it in.


3. Launch SpeedGrader


4.  Click on the Raw URL to Open the Google Doc in SpeedGrader



5. Add Comments / Make Edits in Google, but Fill out Rubrics and Assign Grades in Canvas!

Don't forget about the wonderful option of view revision history for students in their Google Doc. File -> See Revision History

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This is such a great option for students too! It let me see exactly what the instructor was talking about in the rubric by having comments at the exact places that were the most helpful.

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This is exactly how we train our teachers to set up Google Docs submissions- I know a lot of teachers are converting most of their assignments to Google Docs only. The commenting and suggesting feature is so much more reliable than the Crocodoc comments, and students are able to respond to the comments and update in the Google Doc directly.

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It would be nice to not have to click on the link to open the google doc in speedgrader. Why the extra step?

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 @James ‌ would it be possible to use Tapermonkey / Canvancements like solution to make URL Submission autoload in SpeedGrader?

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 @clong ,

Probably, but I say that without researching it. I would start with‌ since it's the closest thing to this. There is, I believe, some logic in there that checks to see if you're viewing a quiz. That should be extendable to check for a website submission or even one that is a Google Doc (based off the URL) and then fire its (sends a click event to the link).

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That gives us a place to start! ThanksJames ! We will experiment with this and share our progress! 

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I actually use a different method that I find to be faster. Students have to have their .gdoc file downloaded on their computer for this to work. I have the students submit their Google Docs as regular files - Not through the Google Docs or Google Drive tab.  They Browse to the .gdoc file and submit it just like any other file. Then I download all submissions. When I unzip the folder, I can select multiple google docs at once, and when I open them all together, they each pop into their own tab in my browser. Then I can just quickly tab through each one. They stay in alphabetical order, so the tabs match up with my Speedgrader. 

If your students are using the Google Drive client, this is easy. If not, they have to download their file before turning it in. It's an extra step for them, but it might save you an extra step in grading! I'm all about saving my time over theirs! :smileygrin: 

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I know there is a way to make comments in Canvas and have those comments show up in the student google doc. 

Is uploading the URL the way to do this?

The problem is, I don't know which kind of submission leads to this. (Because I've been allowing every kind of submission and I get every kind!!)  It only started working for me this year and I've had trouble finding the answer on the communities.  I'm looking for the simplest way for students and parents to submit.  All work is done remotely from chromebooks, winbooks, or mobile devices.

Maybe one of you can help?

I want speedgrader to look like this: Speedgrader view

And I want their google doc to look like this:

Google Docs view

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The way I've done this is to set the submission type to URL only. Students then need to submit the URL of the Google Doc. 

The issue that sometimes arises is if they have not already shared the doc with you, you will not be able to access the submission. 

Hope that helps!