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Gradebook column headings: too much empty space, can't see Assignment titles

I will l end up with over 100 Gradebook columns.  Last year, mid-semester, Canvas made a change to the Gradebook heading margins and made the margin spacing far too wide (empty space on either side of the text in the heading). 
Below are screesnshots.

Zero width margins would be best, in my view, plus ability to make them small font.




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Hi Don @lotter ,

Yeah, I can see how having 100 assignments showing at the same time could present a problem, but how often would one be looking at all 100 assignments at the same time?

The beauty of the (new) gradebook is the ability to apply filters for your display. Each instructor/grader can put on their own filters and change their view.


When looking at a subset of all the assignments the margin space becomes a blessing and avoids the visual crowding. With fewer assignments to look at, the column width can also be adjusted to see more of the assignment name and grading policy.

I hope the filters will help,
Cheers - Shar

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I have this problem as well.  I teach middle school math.  My team uses assignment groups for daily warm-ups.  The average for one week's worth of warm-ups is taken as a minor grade. Our current method is to create the warm-ups and put them in an assignment group (which calculates the average for us).  This average doesn't sync, however.  Our solution is to create an unseen/dummy assignment that will sync.  We simply retype the grades into the the dummy assignment, and this syncs with our gradebook system.

To do this, it's necessary to see both columns at a time, preferably side by side.  When viewing one module at a time, the dummy assignment doesn't appear, so all modules must be viewed.  This is a daunting view, and finding the 2 columns and dragging them past multitudes of widely spaced columns is very frustrating.

To complicate matters, our admin would like us to allow students to rework these warm-ups to improve grades.... and they do!  On one hand, this is great.  However, when the gradebook column that calculates the average changes, the dummy assignment column doesn't. We regularly need to view both columns, side by side, to ensure that the grade that syncs is representative of the student's performance within Canvas.

Columns with less margin would be very helpful, but the ability to recolor an entire column (or just a heading) would be immensely helpful.  Visually speaking (in my opinion) Canvas gradebook isn't geared toward busy teachers. There is too much white space, only one font, and no color except for indicators.  

I personally would benefit from the ability to format my Canvas gradebook view....similar to how I format my Skyward gradebook view or a spreadsheet.