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Graphics Tips

A couple of these ideas came from #instcon, and another I located recently. I thought they may benefit others.

Canvas Tips/Tricks: Graphics and Images

There are several resources and tips for managing graphics that I would like to share….

  • is a great resource for creating banner images for your courses. The site name sounds like Canvas, but it’s something completely different. One such image example I generated can be found here. I used the Etsy Banner template > selected a theme > modified the text to suit. I added a banner to every page in the course site very easily. Banners provide a graphical theme that breaks up the monotony of text.
  • Getty Images announced that it will now allow users to embed images for free. Simply use the image embed tag and copy it to a Canvas page. There are over 35 million images to choose from…all free.
  • Free for Commercial Use allows users to download and reuse high-resolution images at no cost.
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I created a page for my training course with these links--maybe also helpful.  Then I added the information I got from cfierro​  and the explanation of various CC licenses I found here to create a module on using media in  Canvas.  Maybe helpful too?

Sources for public and creative commons media


Pixabay (Links to an external site.)

Google Image Search:  Choose Search Tools>Usage Rights

The Noun Project (Links to an external site.)

Flickr CC Photo Search (Links to an external site.)

REALIA Project (Links to an external site.) (exp. for language teachers!)

NASA Media Archive (Links to an external site.)

Photos for Class (Links to an external site.)

Photos 8 (Links to an external site.)

Wikimedia Commons (Links to an external site.) (if you choose to embed rather than download, attribution will embed along with the content)


Creative Commons Search (Links to an external site.)

Internet Archive: A/V Geeks (Links to an external site.)

Internet Archive: VJ Loops (Links to an external site.)

Public Domain Flicks (Links to an external site.)

WGBH Lab (Links to an external site.)

Universal Newsreels (Links to an external site.)


Moby Gratis Film Music (Links to an external site.)

Freesound (Links to an external site.)

SoundCloud CC Search (Links to an external site.)

McCoy Productions (Links to an external site.)

Public Domain Sounds Library (Links to an external site.)

The content of this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (Links to an external site.) except for any elements that may be licensed differently. The content of this page includes:

Community Champion

 @mpoole ​, this is a fantastic resource!

What do you think about creating a "Document" in the Instructional Designers​ group entitled "Sources for public and creative commons media"?

It will get a lot more traction and visibility over there. And, if you create a doc, vs. discussion or blog, you will be able to edit and see old versions of your doc as you add new content sources. You can even add additional authors so that others can contribute to the original document 😉

Community Participant

Rob, I am having trouble getting Canva to integrate with the canvas LMS - the images don't show up. I have made them public in  I have tried both "embed" and posting a link via the image tool in Canvas.  Any suggestions? Thanks!