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While I love working on Canvas and teaching others how to use the platform, one thing that I found confusing that also seems to regularly confuse the new users I work with is that the term "Group" is used in a lot of different circumstances.

I recently created an infographic to help "decode" all of the different types of groups in Canvas. If you can relate to our struggle, feel free to check it out below.

Here's my summary of each type of group:

Quiz Question Groups

Quiz question groups contain questions and can be used to randomize the question set each student encounters on an exam.

How do I create a Quiz with a Question Group to randomize quiz questions?

How do I create a Quiz with a Question Group linked to a Question Bank?

Assignment Groups

Assignment groups contain tasks or assessments, such as discussions and quizzes. Assignment groups are used to organize content, control how each group is weighted, and to set up other rules.

How do I add Assignment Groups in my course?

Outcome Groups

Outcome groups are used to organize multiple related outcomes.

How do I create Outcome groups for my course?

Student (People) Groups

Student groups can be created for projects, discussions, or other collaborative activities.

What are Student Groups?

Appointment Groups

Appointment groups are created in the calendar and allow you to block off time when students can sign up for an appointment with you.

How do I create an appointment group in the Scheduler?

Groups Infographic Final.png

An accessible PDF version of the infographic is attached.