Groups and Peer Review

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I am not convinced that peer review will work for me

i have 6 groups - working remotely; each to submit a video which another group will ask questions , each group to answer questions from others, give feedback to group being  reviewed

  • will all groups need to be able to see all the videos for this to work?
  • is  peer review even possilbe if all I do is allocate a submission to a named person in each group as there is an addtional elemt of peer review?  i.e.

day 1 - each Group to submit a group video  THEN

         - A allocated D to raise qns about presentation within 24 hrs             

         - B allocated E to raise qns about presentation within 24 hrs         

         - C allocated f to raise qns about presentation  within 24 hrs       etc for D-E

day 2 - all groups post questions of group presentation allocated

day 3    - all group ANSWER the questions raised by review group

day 7   - Review group to post feedback to group presentation allocated

 Presentations and all responses and feedback marked by tutor          

I need to have ONE place ** where all groups can see the presentations  

I am thinkng assessed discussion where team leader posts video first then sees allocated group post (+ groups told b4 submission which to review)

Then each team collate/ review questions, own reponses and feedback on reviewed presentation in own canvas group area

Team leaders  post questions , own team responses to qns raised, and feedback to group reviewed to assessed discussion area   **

not sure this will work if is set as assessed group work  so

a) maybe i just need an assessed group area in order to collate the videos and later provided assessed feedback via rubric

download the video and repost in a regular discussion post where starting point is postig of questions to be answered


b) 6 separate group discussion set ups - each with just the 2 groups in each - that way they and marker can more easily track the discussions

and one general group assessment area so that general feedback can be given in one place to each group - so just request link to group discussion

is there an easier way to all this and i am just over thinking it... help!