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How can I move a question bank from a course to a sub-account?

I am an admin and have been working with a teacher of a course to develop a set of questions for an assessment. This same set of questions will eventually be used by other teachers in other courses.

What I would like to do is create a question bank on the sub-account level so the new teachers can grab the questions from this repository and use them in their new courses. I notice I can only move/copy questions within a bank to another only within the same course.

Is there a way I can export the question bank from a course to the sub-account? I do not want to recreate the questions individually in the sub-account question  bank.

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Can the question bank be included in a dummy course and the course exported and then imported into the sub-account? 

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I don't see that this question has been addressed anywhere.

I see no way to get a group of questions into an subaccount level question bank.

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Account-level and sub-account-level question banks must be created manually (one question at a time) and cannot be imported. The process for creating questions in account-level question banks is described in You might want to add feedback to and follow the progress of‌ which will undoubtedly include new and different way to manage quiz items.