How do I add an outcome to a rubric without changing assn score

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At Instructurecon, I attended a breakout: Outcomes, the good, the bad, the ugly. The UT professors were discussing aligning outcomes through sub-accts. I have been looking for the video to pop up, but haven't seen it yet.

I am trying to make this work but have hit several walls. First is that when I add an outcome to a rubric, it changes the assn grade. I don't want the outcome graded with the assn. I wanted it separate.

Any ideas?

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Instructure Alumni

 @tina_powers ​, the way you've described outcomes aligned with rubrics is exactly how I use them; they're aligned with the rubric, and I can click mastery levels for measurement purposes, but the clicks don't contribute points to the grade for the assignment. To accomplish this, there's a setting that you need to enable when you find the outcome to bring it into the rubric. As you're creating the rubric, after you click on Find Outcome and select the outcome you want to import, the panel on the right has a checkbox that reads Use this criterion for scoring. Make sure that checkbox is deselected, then click Import. You will then have an outcome aligned with the rubric that does not contribute points to the assignment grade.

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