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Immersive reader and RISE content

Hi, wondering if anyone has found a way for the immersive reader to pick up the RISE content? We decided to import files as pages, rather than assignments for aa few reasons and would like to see if we can get the immersive reader to pick up the content. 

We have provided a list of readers to students to support them, and that work with the RISE files and of course can be used with assessments etc. but am wondering if anyone has had success with the immersive reader within Canvas. 

Any comments appreciated. 


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My prediction is that Immersive Reader is not going to read anything embedded regardless of the destination (Page, otherwise).

We note that it doesn't read PDFs/PPTs/Slides which are embedded. Our good-faith effort is to include guiding text before the embed that includes a link to download to the device/browser for the user's on-board reader to tackle.

We are open to other approaches as well.