Increasing the naming options for the Canvas Quiz tool

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The Canvas Quiz tool is one of my favorite elements in Canvas. However, 95% of the time I don't want to use it for quizzes or tests. Instead, I use it as an interactive learning activity.

For example, in the "quiz instruction" area, I may put a little content or context. Then, when the student clicks on "Take the Quiz," the first question may have them do some sort of activity or ask a question that they respond to such as typing out a solution, etc. Then in the next question, I may provide feedback, etc. In short, the Canvas quiz tool is great for creating learning and feedback cycles. 

There is one problem, it is called a quiz. 

I would love it if Canvas offered the flexibility to rename certain buttons and elements within a quiz so that the quiz tool can serve as both a quiz/test function and also a platform for creating engaging learning activities.

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