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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Instructional Design Toolkit

I'm wondering, would the Canvas community be interested in creating an interactive crowd-sourced Canvas course?  The content would perhaps not be relevant so much as we could have a place where we could have a sort of show-and-tell platform where we can come together and show the interesting design things that we are doing in our courses.

The first concern I would have is how to organize the content and prevent someone from modifying or deleting someone else's content.  Perhaps we could have a panel of content curators or something.  Each content page could include the contact information of the person who created it, so people could reach out to that person/institution. 

Does this at all sound feasible or something that people would be interested in?

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Community Team
Community Team

snufer​, this is a fantastic idea, and we are hopeful that you will leverage the new iteration of CanvasLIVE to organize this collaborative effort in the form of panel discussions or exchanges of ideas or chat rooms or screen sharing sessions or whatever is needed at that particular moment. Let's talk more. Others, please comment here to express your interest in collaborating on this toolkit.

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If there were a 'Like x 1million' button, I would click it - this is an outstanding idea.

Community Champion

Sounds great stefaniesanders​ - I would be interested in this!

Hi dreesd​, and thanks--duly noted! We'll be in touch. Smiley Happy

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

At my institution when I really like an idea, I share the coveted Luke Like:

Luke Like.jpg

Community Participant

YUHSD is interested in participating too!

Community Participant

Excellent idea!! I would like to participate.

Community Participant

We're doing this already within our institution, and it's great to have a location to build sharable assets and ideas. 

I wonder though, how this would be different than Commons?  Maybe commons is more for complete packages, where this would be more smaller elements, graphics, design concepts... that kind of work? 

Community Member

Really keen to participate...count me in Smiley Happy