Is there really no way to apply a style sheet to a specific course?

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I've done some research on here and I've found some references to inline styling. But I can't find anything that suggests that a CSS can be applied only at a specific course level. 

For example, we have two courses and want two different style guidelines for both. Say in Course B we want headers 2 through 5 to be bold/italic/centered/size 14 but we don't want that in Course A. Course A is happy being non-stylized. 

There's no way to assign a stylesheet that is specific to that particular course? I understand this can be done with div containers but I don't see that being a viable solution when you need it done to every content page. 

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Hi  @kevinw ,

Canvas doesn't allow #css style‌ sheets to be uploaded at the course level.  It is available at the top account level as we as at the different sub-account levels.

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