Issues with Navigation within the Course

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Hi all,

For our school, we have been working on a standadise Course Homepage layout for our courses. 


However, we notice the following issue if we are using the Canvas Student App (IOS & Android)

When we click on the links on the Course Homepage, we can view the page we link to but the flow of the content is broken as the Page Navigation (Previous & Next Buttons) do not appear at the bottom of the page.


The Page Navigation will only appear if we click on "Modules" on the course menu to navigate through the content structure to reach the page.


Is this a feature of the app or bug? This behaviour of the app seems to give users a poor experience and reverse our efforts to create an inviting Course Home Page as the links do not work as intended on the app.

Anyone out there experience this as well? Is there any work-around we can apply to the links on our pages?

Much appreciated and thanks in advance.


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