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Item Groups in Content Page

Does anyone know how to use the item group in the style guide? It appears in Components/Item Groups. I have copied the code and paste it in one of my content pages but the groups are not functional or editable, they simply stay there as a sample. 

Thank you for your help! I am trying to use a hybridity of both pages and modules. 

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Taking a look at the style guide, it's all hand coded: the icons, the assignment name and links, the due dates, points, etc. You can manually create something that looks like the modules page and will allow users to expand/collapse the lists, but you won't get the same functionality as on the modules page (e.g. drag-and-drop organization, instant population of asset type, points, due date, publish state, etc. from the object metadata).

If that still sounds useful to you, let me know and I can start to parse the code out although it might take a day or two.

If you're primarily looking for a way to show/hide content (which can include links to Canvas objects), the Element Toggler a simpler option.

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